Group Menus

We offer the following packages for groups of 10 people and more.

Luciën’s Lunch

A lunch at Lucien’s stands for your daily portion of fibers, vegetables and vitamins.
Isn’t that a healthy break!

Content of the package:

Chicken or tomato soup
Freshly prepared sandwich
Fresh milk or orange juice
Coffee or tea

Paradise Pancake

Pancakes are our pride!
You can taste that yourself in any of our sweet and salty creations.

Content of the package:

A regular sweet or salty pancake of your choice
A small soft drink or lager beer

The Heavenly Hamburger

Who doesn’t love a nice burger from time to time?
A complete burger menu, including fries and a drink – for the big appetite.

Content of the package:

Premium beef burger
(chicken or veggie also available)
Portion of fresh homemade fries
A small soft drink or lager beer


Have a kickstart of the day with this extensive breakfast.

Content of the package:

Continental breakfast
English breakfast
Lucien’s breakfast*
*A coffee/tea is INCLUDED

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